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How does 100% commission work?

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If you would like 100% commission, I need you to fill out the form below with your Name, Clickbank ID, and email address.

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Please Note: ClickBank has nothing to do with our 100% commission payout. Any issues regarding this offer must be addressed with us directly!

To Receive The 100% Payout, All You Need To Do Is...

  • Use the form below to provide your ClickBank user ID and we’ll set up an Affiliate contract right within ClickBank to give you 100% commission.
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Disclaimer: Google AdWords is not effective for PSP and
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PPC Keywords

Here are some highly targeted keywords to promote

Broad Match

Phrase Match

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Here are some pre-made PPC ads to get you started quickly.

Adwords Campaigns

Be sure to change all the destination urls to your hop link so you are credited with the sales.

There are 2 destination URL's to change:

  • Ad destination url
  • Keyword destination url

Email Ads

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to promote a business. Here are some solo ads for you to use.

Email 1

Email 2

Email 3

Forum Signatures

Forum posting is a powerful no cost method to drive targeted visitors to your affiliate hop link. Before you post make sure the forum allows you to use html signature posts and use the signatures below to get a head start. Also be sure to change the destination url to your hop link.


We've provided banners to choose from in most common sizes. If you have special requests, please let us know.







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$75 Bonus Disclaimer: This bonus offer has been created by the applicable Vendor and not by ClickBank. Accordingly, ClickBank is not responsible for any information contained in the offer, including, but not limited to, any product information, promotions, incentives, expected returns or other information contained herein. In addition, ClickBank is not responsible for any links to third party websites in conjunction with this offer. Such links do not imply any endorsement by ClickBank of such websites or the content, products or services available from such websites. By clicking on or accessing a third party website listed, you acknowledge sole responsibility for and assume all risk arising from your use of any such websites.

$75 Bonus Terms and Conditions

  • Applies to new affiliates only. Must not have promoted through clickbank in the past.
  • Must do at least 5 UNIQUE sales.
  • Yes, you still get paid the bonus if they cancel or refund the order at a later time.
  • You may not do all 5 sales yourself, using your affiliate id, and then cancel/refund the orders on purpose at a later date.
  • All bonus payments will be made through PayPal.
  • To claim your bonus, send us an email at: JAMES (AT) PENNYSTOCKPROPHET.COM with your clickbank id, and your PayPal email address. We will send you the $75 bonus via PayPal within 24 hours.
  • You may only claim the $75 bonus once. (ie. you cannot get multiple $75 bonuses using other clickbank ids)